Toronto SEO

OCEANONE SEO Service Methodology

We use a custom process that is specifically designed to maximize your ROI.

1. Define Objectives
During our initial call, we will define objectives with you. We will learn about your brand, your products, and your competition. Learning objectives is critical to our process. This will be the basis for our research and analysis.

2. Competitive Analysis + Long Tail Strategy

Identify Your Current “low hanging fruit”
These are the keywords that you are already ranking for. Google already treats you well for these keywords, so it will be much easier to improve them than starting from scratch. We will identify all your current opportunities and work those into our strategy.

Identify Your Top Competitors
We will research your top 3 competitors, get a list of all their keywords and analyze them. We will see what they are ranking for, which have traffic opportunities, which are profitable keywords and decide on the best plan to maximize ROI.

Long Tail Strategy
Once we identify your “core” keyword targets, we will identify long tail keywords and variations of these keywords. When we build links we will use all kinds of variations. This will help avoid over-optimization as well as help you rank for more keywords, with more volume, easier.

3. On-Site & Conversion Recommendations
This part about is all about setting up your base.

Analyze and Audit your site
We will analyze your site to find out if it has any glaring issues including- duplicate content, invalid structure, or other problems which may hinder our SEO campaign.

On-Site Recommendations
We will provide on-site recommendations whenever necessary. Our goal is to make sure that you are optimized, but not over-optimized.

Get More CTR From SERPs
CTR or “click-through-rate” is an important factor in today’s ranking algorithm, especially as you move towards the first page. You can get better CTR by writing your title tags like an advertisement that include your keywords. This will help you get more clicks no matter what ranking position you’re in.

Conversion Recommendations
Traffic is worthless if the website won’t convert. We will make conversion recommendations to make sure you get the most ROI out of the traffic you’ll be getting.

4. Link Building Strategy
During the entire campaign we will be building a variety of different backlinks in a defined order – all with a specific purpose. This gives your site the most natural boost possible in the search engines. Google is looking for a very natural profile – And that’s exactly what we’ll give it. Now more than ever, it’s more about having high quality work done than it is flooding a ton of links to your website.

That’s it in a nutshell.

We can’t guarantee you a #1 ranking in Google, we do guarantee your site will get more targeted traffic, that results in brand exposure, which is what you need to get more leads and sales. There is also a lot to be said for the prestige with your website ranking high in Google.

Our only goal is to achieve outstanding results so that you will recommend us to others. We always strive to build long lasting business relationships so that hopefully you’ll come back to us for more services in the future. Our business depends on a great reputation.

We will provide a full report each month so you can see the progress. Note that the first month is more about Analyzing and Optimizing and so you probably won’t see any measurable improvement for at least 2 months.