Who Can Benefit from Marketing Outsourcing

Who Can Benefit from Marketing Outsourcing?

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Updated April 4, 2022

There has been a growing trend in the world of business to focus on core competencies and outsource the rest of the day-to-day functions. By focusing on what the company does best many management teams have been able to realize significant cost savings and enhance the profitability of their firms.

Many companies have already discovered the value of outsourcing their manufacturing to lower cost producers, but there is money to be saved in outsourcing other services as well. For instance outsourcing marketing services can yield significant cost savings while providing better results for the company and more excitement on the part of consumers.

Small Companies Benefit from Marketing Outsourcing

Whether they are well-established companies or new startup companies, small businesses can benefit greatly by outsourcing their marketing services to qualified professionals. Many small companies will not have the funds necessary to hire and staff an entire department of creative designers and ad writers, and outsourcing those marketing services can put the small firm on an equal footing with companies many times its size.

From a marketing perspective it can be hard to tell the size of a company – good marketing looks good no matter what the size of the firm associated with the ads.

One mistake many entrepreneurs make is trying to do everything themselves. While the desire for control over the quality of the message is certainly understandable, trying to do everything on your own can backfire badly.

Unless you happen to be a marketing guru as well as an entrepreneur it may be better – and more cost effective to turn the marketing reins over to those with years of experience creating and running successful ad campaigns. By maintaining control over the finished product but outsourcing the process, entrepreneurs and business owners can have the best of both worlds.

Outsourcing marketing services also makes a great deal of sense for small companies that are undergoing periods of rapid growth. It is difficult enough to scale up vital functions like administrative duties and finding suitable office space, and ramping up the marketing department can be even more of a challenge.

By focusing on managing the growth of the company and outsourcing where they can business owners can make the transition from tiny startup to thriving small business that much easier.

Large Companies Benefit from Marketing Outsourcing

Of course it is not just small companies that can benefit from the power of marketing outsourcing. Such outsourcing is also the perfect solution for companies who are trying to do more with fewer resources. Companies who need to downsize without losing their brand identity or sacrificing their marketing prowess can look to marketing outsourcing firms to fill in the gaps and make a smooth transition.

Marketing firms can serve as either a supplement to a smaller and leaner marketing department or as a replacement for that department. This allows companies to be more flexible as they trim costs and find the right business structure in the new economy.

Large companies who are ramping up the size of their firms instead of cutting back can also benefit from outsourcing their marketing services. Rapid growth is both a blessing and a challenge for many companies, and it is important for companies to learn to manage their growth intelligently.

By focusing on the core of the business and outsourcing services like marketing smart companies can keep their brands intact even as the company continues to grow and change.

Outsourced or Full-Time Staff, what’s better?

Digital Marketing is quite complex and it has been said that it changes 8 times faster than most other industries. It’s constantly evolving, so staying up on the latest best practices is no joke and could lead to disappointing results if you’re not using the latest tactics.

Companies that provide marketing services survive by reputation and delivering successful results. For this reason alone it really makes a lot of sense for companies to go with outsourced marketing because most marketing companies will go a long way to make sure they deliver a successful campaign. A great result will keep you coming back and they can count on you to enhance their reputation and not diminish it.

A company can actually have more control of cost when outsourcing. A large full-time marketing staff can very expensive if you plan to have them do everything in-house. It is also a long-term commitment which of course it makes total sense for some businesses. However, for many companies, it makes more sense to outsource where they can set a specific budget to get projects done.

Have Teams of Experts Working on your Marketing Campaign.

When you outsource your marketing services to a good company there will likely be several highly-skilled people working on your project. A single campaign usually involves a long list of different elements that could all benefit from the input of an expert in that area.

For instance a campaign to promote your new product or service may need a list of experts such as: Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Video Director, Video Editor, Actors or Spokesperson, Facebook Ad specialist, Google Ads Specialist, Social Media Strategist, Social Media Campaign Manager and a Project manager who will deliver the reports to you every month.

This is an example of the various tasks that may be involved, it could certainly be a lot more or maybe less but you get the idea. You need a lot of people who know what they are doing. If you are a large enterprise it probably makes sense to have all these people on a full-time salary but for many companies it is more practical to develop a strong relationship with a good, reliable marketing company.

It can be a difficult decision but when you take some time to weigh the pros and cons, the answer should be quite clear and you can move forward with your decision.

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